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December 19 2014


A Multitude of Home Business Careers in Health & Beauty

The healthcare industry does not fall under doctors’ offices and hospitals alone, and beauty products are not only sold in stores. There are various career opportunities in the health and beauty industries that can be a home business. Below are some ideas in the multitude of opportunities in these industries:

1. Medical Transcription:There are a number of online schools and colleges which offer a degree or certificate in medical transcription in a short amount of time. Medical transcription, also known as MT, is a form of record keeping in which an individual listens to dictated recordings from physicians or other healthcare professionals, and transcribes them into a text format. You can train at home to work at home in the medical transcription field. Many transcriptionist who work from home, work with third-party transcription companies who offer medical transcription services.

2. In Home Salons or Spas: In home salons and spas are quaint and more personable than a public salon or spa. Having an in home salon or spa means you can control your clientele, versus having a public salon or spa where any and everyone can walk in. If this is a type of home business you are interested in, you should check with your local government regarding permits and/or operating licenses.

3. Personal Trainer: A personal trainer is someone who helps individuals get on a regular diet and exercise routine. They can generally be found in workout facilities; nevertheless, an individual may decide to hire a personal trainer to come directly to their home. This gives more individuality for the trainer and the client.

4. Senior Care: Sadly there are numerous senior citizens who are unable to completely care for themselves, and therefore require the assistance of others. Many of these seniors have family members who are unable to help take care of them for whatever reason, so they call others, even strangers in to help take care of their loved ones. Most senior care is simple and requires little to no education. Some duties of senior care may include cooking for them, cleaning for them, running errands, or just helping with their day to day tasks.

The careers listed above are just a few out of the multitude of home business opportunities in health or beauty industries. Many of these careers require little to no further education and/or training beyond a high school diploma. They also cause for almost nothing to invest in one of these careers.


3 Simple Home Based Business Ideas

Today, many people consider starting a home based business for a variety of reasons. These reasons may include a person having a disability or illness which prevents them from being able to get a regular job, or maybe you have small children you would rather stay home with rather than sending them to daycare. Various home businesses can be started up with little investment, and/or can be done by using your home computer or laptop.

 Here are 3 simple home based business ideas that can be done in your spare time, or it used as your main source of income:

1. Freelance Writer- If you love writing, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get your voice heard. Starting up a freelance writing business is generally inexpensive and may even be free, because you may already own many of the items you will need to get started as a freelance writer. You will need a home computer or laptop with a word processing program installed as well as an Internet connection. If you do not have a word processing program already installed on your computer, you can generally find one to download from an Internet website at little to no cost. Countless freelance writing opportunities can be found on the Internet.

2. Online or In Home Sales - There are numerous opportunities for sales as a home business. You can sell anything such as products you make yourself or reputable products that are already being sold. You can even have online yard sales in order to sell needless items from around your house. These items may be sold by word of mouth from your home or online. The key to online sales is marketing. You use marketing in order to get the attention of consumers and potential customers. Your income will depend on how well you market your product or products.

3. Customer Service and Other Office Duties- This area also has a wide range of opportunities for a home based business. This type of work can be done by using a home computer and/or a phone with a headset. Tasks can include customer service, appointment setting, answering emails, or call centers. There are several websites which offer customer service and/or other office duties as a way to earn money from home.

These home based business ideas are easy to start up, and most can be done with little to no cost.

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